making images: behind the scenes

Take another look behind the scenes at photographer Harley Weir’s journey in capturing five women from around the world and get to know some more creators who are defining the image of today in documentary filmmaker Chelsea McMullan’s Making Images video. 

Directed by Canadian documentary filmmaker Chelsea McMullan, Making Images takes an intimate look behind the scenes at photographer Harley Weir journey to capturing five different women in five different cities around the world as well as a look at more leading visionaries of today including Inez van Lamsweerde, Chen Man, Juno Calypso, Ashley Armitage, Jen Davies, Arvida Bystrom and Reba Maybury.

“I love working with light and playing with it, but when it comes to portraiture, I like it to be the same so that I'm not distracted by it. I like the idea of self-made boundaries that give you a parameter in which to work.” - Ines van Lamsweerde
“I think it's really important to represent marginalised people like girls, non-binary people, trans people, or people on the gender spectrum, those with different sexualities, body types, and ethnicities.” - Ashley Armitage
"The theme that runs through all my inspiration is people who break taboos and women who defy stereotypes and expectations. To be truly subversive, you can't live by the rules, you've got to try and break them.” - Reba Maybury
“We should learn to trust our intuition and take time to relax and think for ourselves, then we can clearly represent the universe we imagine through images.” - Chen Man
“I spent a lot of time online and in my room in my teen years and photography and self-portraiture were really helpful for me expressing myself.” - Arvida Bystrom
“A lot of my influences are from the comedy that I grew up with when I was younger. When I was studying, my work was very serious and very dead pan and later I wanted to make something that made people laugh." - Juno Calypso

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