the fifth sense: a celebration of female creativity

In an exciting new partnership CHANEL and i-D explore the world of sensual self-expression.

The Fifth Sense is a collaborative project between i-D and CHANEL celebrating female creativity and the extraordinary embodiment of the power of fragrance in the creative process.

Fragrance is immaterial, invisible, intangible, and of course, entirely personal. The Fifth Sense aims to capture and communicate the expression of fragrance by inviting women to use it as a catalyst for self-expression and creativity.

The Fifth Sense will commission six multi-disciplinary artistic works across 2016/17 from the most exciting female creative talent from around the world, and not only capture and communicate the expression of fragrance through their work, but also offer a deeper look into the minds of these talents and the role that the senses play within their process.

The daily site will feature a wide range of coverage relating to inspiring and creative women from a broad spectrum of genres, offering personal insights into their work and visions through articles, photo stories and other features.

This Week

Σtella: the athens based artist is flying in the face of adversity

As a young, multidisciplinary Greek creative, Σtella Chronopoulou embrace simplicity in her work and living.

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capturing sisterhood on camera

Few bonds run as deep as those between sisters, and few relationships are quite as complicated. Photographer Sophie Harris-Taylor has been attempting to capture what sisterhood means and is releasing a book documenting what she has found.

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in the studio with the big moon

Have you ever wondered what it's like being in a band? We spent the day with London-based quartet The Big Moon to find out just that. 

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lady of leisure wear

Nicky Carvell’s work explores a bright and bold world: hyperactive stickers sit with oversized bubble gum sculptures that take the viewer back to lost utopian moments.

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five senses from my world: kelly lee owens, musician

Discover five senses from musician and producer Kelly Lee Owens' world. 

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going with the flow

LA-based director Malia James could give a masterclass on how to pursue a passion, make a dream (or a few) come true, and have fun while doing it.

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anosmia and memory

What happens if you lose your sense of smell and how does this affect your memory?

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five books that ignite me: peiyu shen

Peiyu Shen, owner of the China-based independent bookstore and publishers 'Shen Shi Shu Ju' shares five of her favourite books from her travels around the world.

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lady skollie: one fruity lady

South African artist Lady Skollie has long understood the power of sensuous pleasures.

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