the fifth sense: a celebration of female creativity

In an exciting new partnership CHANEL and i-D explore the world of sensual self-expression.

The Fifth Sense is a collaborative project between i-D and CHANEL celebrating female creativity and the extraordinary embodiment of the power of fragrance in the creative process.

Fragrance is immaterial, invisible, intangible, and of course, entirely personal. The Fifth Sense aims to capture and communicate the expression of fragrance by inviting women to use it as a catalyst for self-expression and creativity.

The Fifth Sense will commission six multi-disciplinary artistic works across 2016/17 from the most exciting female creative talent from around the world, and not only capture and communicate the expression of fragrance through their work, but also offer a deeper look into the minds of these talents and the role that the senses play within their process.

The daily site will feature a wide range of coverage relating to inspiring and creative women from a broad spectrum of genres, offering personal insights into their work and visions through articles, photo stories and other features.

This Week

picture this

A new generation of female photographers are turning the camera on themselves (and other women) to redefine fashion, art, advertising and, well, the world.

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making images: behind the scenes

Take another look behind the scenes at photographer Harley Weir’s journey in capturing five women from around the world and get to know some more creators who are defining the image of today in documentary filmmaker Chelsea McMullan’s Making Images video. 

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unruly body – the world of jamila johnson-small

In her own words, Jamila Johnson-Small is interested in dance as a “radical social proposition”. She means this quite literally. And in fact, this quality of “radicality” – a potent combination of power and resoluteness – is palpable in Jamila’s presence, both onstage and in person.

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step behind the scenes of mirror maze and meet es devlin and more women making spaces

Cheryl Dunn's video Making Spaces takes a look behind the scenes at the making of Es Devlin's immersive installation Mirror Maze and features interviews with other innovators of today - learn more about them here. 

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they are a god: beauty is next to godliness

What deems your favourite pop or rock star 'godlike'? Is it their talent, their use of the  transformational tool of beauty products or both? And how much do we consciously or unconsciously attempt to emulate them in our everyday lives? 

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hannah reid’s guide to songwriting

The London Grammar singer takes us by the headphone and guides us through the sensual word of her award-winning creativity.

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five senses from my world: yara pilartz, actress

Five senses from French actress Yara Pilartz world.

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turning pages

Lucy Moore is co-owner of London’s most iconic bookstore, Claire de Rouen, a long-standing source of inspiration for fashion designers, artists and students alike. Here we sit down to chat all things Claire de Rouen and she shares with us five of her favourite books that celebrate female sensuality. 

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anosmia and memory

What happens if you lose your sense of smell and how does this affect your memory?

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