10 point guide to being an independent artist from choreo-queen parri$

Globally renowned artist Parri$ is the DIY queen of the dance and pop scene.

Parri$ (aka Parris Goebal) has crossed the boundary between sought-after choreographer – having worked on shaking the tail feathers of Rihanna, Janet Jackson and you’ll have seen her in Justin Bieber’s Sorry (and not to mention that her dance crew The Royal Family have won the World Hip Hop Dance Championships three times) – to hotly tipped pop-star. Her unique sound, part rap, part triple time beats and gut shaking bass – combined with her obviously flawless dancing and videos, which she directs, casts and choreographs herself make her stand out one side step from the crowd.


The main starting point for making music is a passion for making music.


But you don’t have to be able to finish songs or put them together, that’s where finding a producer comes in.

Find one who's on the same wavelength as you to get the most out of any ideas they can add to your work. Book a studio and get in and start creating


Book a studio and get in and start creating.

Don’t be afraid when you get in there. Just be free and do your thing.


Widen your circle with people you admire and trust.

Song-writers, vocal coaches and other musicians – they will help your creative process. 



When you’ve got a demo – or even something more finished – play it to friends, family, other music friends to see what they think,


Keep working it though! 

Hit the studio again and make changes and finish the song off, get it mixed and mastered and ready to put out to the world.


Make it memorable. 

Do the artwork for the cover of your song – a good cover is like your calling card.


Own it. 

Register your song with a music body for the rights to your song.


Get it out there on en masse.

Soundcloud, Hypemachine, iTunes, Bandcamp – there's a plethora of different places to get it heard. 


Be seen! 

Shoot a video to help promote the song and put the video up on YouTube. Obviously this sounds easier than it might be, but where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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