five senses from my world: caroline corbasson, artist

French artist Caroline Corbasson shares five senses from her world.

The young French artist Caroline Corbasson shares something very special with the cosmos. Since graduating from les Beaux-Arts of Paris and with representation by Gallery Laurence Bernard, she has since developed a fascination for science. So much so, that Carolina loves hanging out in laboratories and scientific centres to draw inspiration from their cryptic atmospheres – far from where we would expect to find her. With natural materials or dust, Caroline seeks to invent a new form of poetry as she tries to unearth their unexpected value. On the whole, her immersive and colossal pieces show us a way to a parallel universe – feminine, sensual and deeply transcendental.  She gave us an insight of her work and the way she creates – among the stars.


I’d define my art in a few words:

obsessional, prolific, poetic, concrete.


Sensuality is unknown.

Everyone has their own definition that should not be limited by codes or rules. Our perceptions should be entirely free of stigmas. Sensuality and femininity are two powerful sources of inspiration. I love to meet people from all kinds of backgrounds, people who are my opposite.


The smell of the rain and thunder and the scents that arise after are my 'Madeleine de Proust'.

They have a specific emotive power over me.


Sight is inherent to my work

but touch is the most integral. I always invite the audience to touch my sculptures as they are in motion – art is a great tool to connect people together. I’m about to direct my first movie and I’m very excited to also include music in my art.


When I’m choosing a material to use, I focus on the temporalities they embody.

Coal, graphite, iron and copper are really old minerals that have been used since the early days of mankind. I love them – they are primitive and have a special and beautiful aura. It feels like I’m going back to the origin of things and creation. In my piece, Noise, I play with the double meaning of the word. It can be the grain in an image or a sound. Noise is a cosmological cartography that represents the universe at it’s very beginning, 380,000 years after the big bang. I like to think it was a deafening time, but sound does not exist in space.

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